OETT Funding of Short Courses & Workshops : Saturday, 20 July 2019

OETT Funding of Short Courses & Workshops

The following list is an example of the short courses and workshops recently funded by OETT.

Ankle Foot Orthoses, Management of Neurological Conditions in Adults
Ankle Foot Orthoses, Management of Children
Assessment of the High Risk Limb
BAPO Foot & Ankle Assessment & Insole Prescription
Basic Dynamic Lycra
Biomechanical Screening
Biomechanics Summer School / Boot Camp
Bond Solon Expert Witness
Boston Brace Training Course
Cadcam O+P Seminar
Contracture Management Course
CPD - Are YOU Ready ??
Custom Knee Bracing
Diabetic Foot Conference
Dynacox Symposium
Dynamic Lycra Orthoses
Dynamic Movement Orthoses
Dynamic Scoliosis
Hand & Wrist Injuries Masterclass
Hard Shell Orthotics, Accurate Prescription, Design & Manufacture
Help Them Walk
Idiopathic Scoliosis Spinal Workshop
Introduction to Shoemaking
ISPO NMS Conference, Newcastle Centre for Life
KAFO Study Day
Langer Biomechanics Summer School
Length Strength and Stiffness in Muscle
Level 1 Dynamic Movement Orthosis Accreditated Practioner Course Part 1
Level 2 Biomechanics - A Development
Level 3 Biomechanics - A Progression
Lower Limb & Foot X-Ray appreciation
Nancy Hylton Workshop, Dortmund
Neuromuscluar Approach to lower limb biomechanics
Orthotic Management of the Diabetic Foot
Oswestry Orthotic Foot & Ankle Course
Paediatric Gait Analysis & Orthotic Management
People Handling & Risk Assessment 'Key Trainers Certificate'
Pressure Relief and the Diabetic Foot
Quadrasteps Systems Educaiton Course
Recent Consensus Development in the Management of Cerebral Palsy
Running 2010 - ComulativeMicro Trauma Injuries
Scoliosis Study Day
Soft Tissue Management
Spinecore phase 1 - Adult & Paediatric Scoliosis Bracing
Technician Awareness Day
Technical & Design Considerations for Patient Fit & Compliance of KAFO
The Diabetic Foot Journal
The Foot as a 3 Point pivot - Talarmade
The Hard Shell Prescription Course
Theraputic Stock Footwear course
Toe Off and Swash Brace & Biomechanics
Writing Quotations, Sales Proposals & Tenders

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